Your BFF Ann Coulter to Play Vice President in Terrifying Sharknado 3

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Sharknados 1 and 2 were mostly fun, farcical romps through deliberately bad camp. But, with today's casting news, Sharknado 3 promises to be a truly terrifying film indeed.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the forthcoming installment in the Sharknado franchise will take place during a horrifying future where Mark Cuban is the President and Ann Coulter is the Vice President. A heartbeat away! A heartbeat. Away. The Cuban-Coulter administration will be joined onscreen by a long list of guest stars, including:

Bo Derek as May, the mother to star Tara Reid's April; Jerry Springer, appearing as Mr. White, a manic tourist; 'N SYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick as a pool lifeguard; and Chris Jericho, who will play Bruce, a roller coaster ride operator.


Appearing on Sharknado is the new appearing on Dancing With the Stars.

Sharknado will air on SyFy in July. I hope somebody tweets about it!

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Is this proof she's been acting this whole time?

It would make the most sense.