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Your BFF Amy Poehler Prank Called Seth Meyers on Watch What Happens Live

Illustration for article titled Your BFF Amy Poehler Prank Called Seth Meyers on emWatch What Happens Live/em

Last night, SNL head writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers was a guest on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live and received a call from a woman named Soko from New Hampshire who wanted to know what Seth's favorite part of working with Amy Poehler was.


"Amy has an incredible energy about her," Seth responded in earnest. "She's the funniest person on earth, but she makes everyone feel really funny."

After Soko responded with "Thank you so much" in an all too familiar sounding voice, Andy became suspicious. "Can I ask you a question?" he said. "Is this Amy Poehler?" And it was!


Andy and fellow guest Gayle King then went on to ask Amy whether or not she'd ever be willing to host the Oscars, to which she kept responding, tongue firmly implanted in cheek, that she "didn't want to take anything away" from Seth or Gayle by answering.

When asked what the best part of working with Seth was, she delivered the best joke of the night: "Every once in a while when I would squint, it felt like I was sitting next to Eddie Redmayne."

Love ya, girl. Prank call me any time.


Amy Poehler Prank Calls Seth Meyers' During His Guest Spot On Watch What Happens Live [Crushable]

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At some point are we going to discover that Amy Poehler is like a secret Nazi or something? She is too wonderful to be real.