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Your Afternoon Cry: Newtown Comfort Dogs Come To Boston

So I'm crying now. Cool.

The A-team of golden retriever "comfort dogs," a Lutheran church charity-run service last dispatched to Newtown in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, have made their way to Boston to provide desperately-needed cuddles. Addie, Isaiah, Luther, Maggie and Ruthie (who have a Twitter you should probably follow) have been chilling on the steps of a Lutheran church on Boston's Berkeley Street since Tuesday.


"This is the first time I've been out of my house," Boston Marathon runner Jamie Buller says tearfully as she pets one of the dogs. Another woman used Reddit to organize an independent comfort dog session on Wednesday.

The dogs are wonderful, but let's hope we don't see them again for awhile.

[via ABC News]

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John Boehner

it's a calm, clear day. the sun lends a honeyed hue to the coats of golden retrievers. a few clouds drift aimlessly through the sky's blue expanse- but wait! those are no clouds! bubbly puffs of fuzz and fur, canine cumulonimbus; levitating dogs waft through the heavens like hairy helicopters, wagging their tails to propel themselves. anything is possible on Infinite Dogworld.

how many dogs are there? no one knows. the dogs move as a single entity, the world's cutest bacterial colony. at some points they seem to blend into each other and blur together to create a semi-corporeal dogblog with legs and tails jutting out haphazardly. amorphous splotches of fur and flesh, they are almost unidentifiable but still retain some characteristics of doggishness. this furry amoeba trudges on, tongues whippied by the breeze, across the sweeping plains of Infinite Dogworld.

there are no gaps in the dog chain. what happens when a dog dies? is a puppy born to take its place? perhaps there is no death on Infinite Dogworld. all dogs live forever. all dogs go to heaven.