Young Thug Donates All Proceeds from New York Concert to Planned Parenthood

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

After his concert at Terminal 5 in New York last night, rapper Young Thug, 25, pledged to donate all show proceeds to Planned Parenthood because, as a former teenage parent, he personally knows the value of the clinic.


“I’m donating the proceeds from my show tonight to @PPFA,” he posted on Twitter. “I was a teenage parent. Planned + unplanned parenthood is beautiful.”


Young Thug had his first of six children at 17. Since then he has gone through several public custody battles and spoken openly about the challenges of parenthood.

In 2016, he joked to GQ, “[Kids] ain’t easy. It be like, ‘If I could take this back? Yes, what the fuck was I thinking!’”

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Young Thug’s gender politics never cease to amaze... Dressing queer+ public declaration of not being into sex + super sexist and homophobic on record + 6 kids with different mums +donation to PP...