Young Couple of Expectant Parents Killed En Route to Hospital, Baby Survives

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A pair of extremely young expectant parents were killed on Saturday night when the car they were taking to the hospital to deliver their child was struck at intersection in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. That, unfortunately, is only the first half of the tragic set-up to a modern-day Dickens serial — their baby survived the crash.


Vos Iz Neias, a blog that covers the Jewish Orthodox community, was the first to record the heartbreaking story:

Nachmen B"R Yom Tov and Raizy Glauber (B"R Yitzchok Silberstein), both 21, were using a car service to go to the hospital when another vehicle crashed into the side of theirs at an intersection in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, said Hasidic community activist Isaac Abraham. Nathan Glauber was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital, while his wife died at Bellevue, police said.

The couple's son was delivered at the scene and was taken to a hospital in serious condition, said Abraham, who is also a neighbor of Raizy Glauber's parents and lives two blocks from the scene of the crash.


The driver of the vehicle that hit the couple fled the scene, and no arrests have yet been made. Stay tuned for headlines of questionable taste from the Post and the Daily News as this sad story finds its antagonist sometime in the, hopefully, not-too-distant future.

Tragedy Claims Lives of Expectant Parents In Brooklyn [Vos Iz Neias?]

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"A pair of extremely young expectant parents"

Since when is 21 EXTREMELY young to be expecting a baby?

14, 16, 18...yes...that could be called extremely young. But 21 is just young, not *extremely* young.

Sorry to focus on that when, obviously, this is a tragic account no matter the age of the parents involved. But it just irked me so much I had to comment. Perhaps the intent was to emphasize how, sometimes, it feels extra tragic when a young person's life ends...because they had less chance to live and experience the world. But it comes across as a indictment of the couple. I think "a pair of young, expectant parents" would have been perfectly effective.