You'll Sleep With the Lights On After This Scary (True) Story

And so it begins: the frightening month of October, when Jezebel delivers the scariest stories by you, to you, straight to your trembling brainpan. In the first installment of our annual Terrifying Tales video series, in which we animate your freakiest yarns, 2018 winner Queenoftheandals’s “Don’t Tell Grandma” presents some truly haunted shit. I’m not actually sleeping tonight after this. And don’t forget to submit your own creepy experiences for this year’s contest!


Goths In Idaho

Hey it’s really disappointing that you don’t offer subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. I always looked forward to reading these submissions and the winning stories but now that they’re done in video format, you’ve excluded at least one portion of your audience. As a website that prides themselves on being inclusive, this is a pretty glaring omission.