You'll Never Wanna Be Home Alone Again After You Hear This Spooky Story

A lot of things scare me. Plane crashes scare me. Terrorist attacks scare me. Plagues scare me. The thought of choking on food when nobody is around scares me. I am a bundle of nerves. But I’ve long believed myself to be someone who is not that spooked out by scary stories, especially at my big age. I love spooky shit, but tales of ghosts and goblins just don’t freak me out like they used to. The last time I remember a movie truly leaving a lingering cloud of fear was The Ring, which I watched on DVD at my friend’s house in 2003. I was 13.

But if you, like me, are arrogant enough to believe that you’re beyond getting the heebie-jeebies over a lil’ spooky shit, I suggest watching the animated scary story above about a series of mysterious 911 calls dispatched to a creepy mobile home. Submitted by Jezebel commenter Indiana Joan and brought to life by our amazing video team, it’s definitely considered one of the eerier reader submitted stories we’ve received. I’m telling you, the ending had me like, “YOOOOOOOOOO!”


Happy Halloween, y’all!

Sound Design: Cesar Haliwa; Illustration/Animation: Daniel Muñoz

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Yay IndianaJoan! Always loved your story! Well deserved.