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You'd Rather Have Coffee Than Morning Sex

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Coffee or morning sex? Because we live in modern times and have both Starbucks and Craigslist Casual Encounters, most people with internet access and a mode of transportation don't have to choose. And thank god! Because a new study indicates that if we did have to, we'd choose coffee, which would definitely result in a global coffee bean shortage and an utter lack of babies being born.


Le Meridien Hotels asked almost 8,000 people in six countries all about their coffee-drinking habits and learned that shockingly, 78 percent of those people would rather give up alcohol, social media or sex with their partner for an ENTIRE YEAR if it meant they didn't have to stop drinking coffee. Slightly more than half of those polled said that coffee was a better way to wake up than to have morning sex. Additionally, 51 percent of respondents said that they thought they could last longer without having sex than without having coffee. No word about whether every person interviewed had recently given birth to a screaming infant and/or was super sick of their live-in girlfriend.

It's interesting that this study was done by Le Meridien Hotel chain. I have stayed at one of these before and they are very nice. That being said, I was 13 when I did so I can't speak for the coffee available there, or for the sex. But I feel fairly confident that people were definitely having both at Le Meridien Cancun so perhaps this hotel chain is the first to truly discover The Secret.


New Le Meridien Study Reveals More People Choose Coffee over Sex for Their Morning Buzz [WSJ] via NYPost

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On a semi-related side note, does anyone else here feel like morning sex doesn't feel as good as sex later in the day? Orgasms never feel as powerful to me in the morning...