You’ve Gotta See Taylor Swift’s Alleged Old Myspace Photos and Comments

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If you’d like to travel back in time to 2006, just put on your trucker hat and Juicy Couture tracksuits and click on this link. Once the page loads, you’ll be in the not-so-distant past, where Taylor Swift’s hair was still curly and people were excited to see the movie Sahara. Yes, beyond that link are Taylor Swift’s alleged old Myspace photos and comments—and though certain message boards and communities within her fandom have been sharing these images for a number of years, this post by BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera was the first place I’d seen them.


2005-2006 Taylor was way more experimental than 2016 Taylor. She experimented with hairstyles, like this one:

And when she wasn’t taking selfies, she was leaving indecipherable comments like:

Just a little reminder to you that, even though the semester may be over…

I’m still quite obsessed with you.

haha fuck sewing machines.





“I shot some guy with a flare gun”


best line ever.

And this! Whatever it means!

Guess who has a thing for you.

The hottest guy in the world.

Whats the mixture of a tiger and a lion?


think about it.

Though millions upon millions of teens posted embarrassing stuff online at the beginning of this century, the post is a funny reminder that before she was winning Grammys and selling out global tours, she was just quoting Sahara on Myspace like everyone else.


Sonja Morgan’s former interns think Sonja Morgan is “the boss from hell,” according to a report today from Page Six. In an essay published online, an intern who worked for Morgan for three years wrote:

“She reduced me to tears on more than one occasion, has been incredibly rude, selfish and insensitive — and I stayed quiet. She has bullied those who have been incredibly supportive to her, screaming, yelling. And she lies. She lied about me and revealed a very private element of my life on TV for no reason at all.”


Morgan’s response to the comments was satisfyingly succinct:

“No story. She’s a nut. She’s looking for attention.”

My coworker Ellie Schechet provided me with evidence of Sonja’s behavior in the form of this screengrab in which an intern is filling a bathtub while she’s in it.

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Pretty sure I’m on Team Interns.

[Page Six]

Kourtney Kardashian Instagrammed her nipple and Scott Disick was a fan. After seeing the photo below, he commented, “Hell yeah get it girl I know 3 kids that those nips made into perfect angels.”


[Us Weekly]

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Another day, another reminder of why I’m glad this stuff happened AFTER my teenage years.