You Too Could Own the Ugly Clubwear of a Murderous Drug Lord!

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is the head of a drug cartel that is directly and indirectly responsible for the murder of thousands of Mexicans. But in news more likely to affect thoughtless, dumb rich people around the world, did you know that you can now own his ugly blouses?


According to TMZ, Barabas—a Los Angeles men’s clothing store—has seen a large spike in sales of their “Fantasy” men’s button down since El Chapo (who, again, is a violent murderer) was photographed wearing it in his Sean Penn Rolling Stone interview. Also selling like cocaine-laced hotcakes: the “Crazy Paisley” men’s button-down, which El Chapo wore in another photo.

“The store’s manager tells us sales skyrocketed when the pics came out,” TMZ reports. “They’re even using El Chapo’s image now on their website, which crashed from the initial sales surge.”


The website is currently up in running (unlike El Chapo’s dead victims), which means that these morally and aesthetically questionable shirts can be yours for $128 each.


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Images via the AP and Barabas.

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