You Just Don't Mess With Sarah Palin's Family

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  • Levi Johnston's pre-taped appearance on Tyra today prompted Sarah Palin to announce that Bristol Palin would advocate for abstinence and that Levi was a fame-seeking liar. Then she started cleaning a shotgun. [People]
  • Sarah Palin's sister-in-law, Diana Palin, was coincidentally arrested this weekend on burglary charges after breaking into the same house twice. Levi Johnston should have known better than to fuck with this family. [Huffington Post]
  • In other tales of Republican clusterfuckery, Greg Sargant asks, "House GOP Leaders Leaking On Each Other?" and I laugh and laugh and laugh at the thought. [The Plum Line]
  • Former GOP Congressman John "McSlappy" Sweeney was arrested again on yet another DUI charge [Huffington Post]
  • Sean Hannity says he's never watched porn because he has kids. Riiight. [Huffington Post]
  • Mr. "Born With Kids" Hannity then accused Obama of deep resentment of people that can masturbate without soul-crushing guilt and hours of uncontrollable weeping Americans. [ThinkProgress]
  • North Korea launched that missile thing they've kept threatening to launch, and we're all a little freaked out about it. [Washington Post]
  • Even though we're pretty sure they fucked it up. [NY Times]
  • Obama is letting photographers photograph the coffins of deceased service members for the first time in 18 years. Apparently, Americans don't feel badly just knowing they're dead. [NY Times]
  • Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers and dickhead Larry Summers made a shitload of money off the Wall Street companies he's still involved in bailing out. [Washington Post]
  • Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa is scared that Iowa is about to become a gay Mecca because they won't discriminate against the LGBT community any more. [Think Progress]
  • The six gay Iraqis brutally murdered in the last week for being gay probably would've liked it there, even with all the pigs. Oh, and the pork industry, besides. [ThinkProgress]



Dear Iowa,

I know this might not curb your fears, BUT I live in the first state to legalize gay marriage and guess what? WE'RE ALL STILL HERE! Only small portions of my lovely city of Boston have been completely taken over by the gays, and if we're all being honest, those are the best parts of the city! I have also not been forced (or even asked) to convert to gay, not even once! Congratulations on doing something awesome!