We have so many questions about the Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole premiere: like, why is Russell Brand involved? Did the owl have fun? And how does Vanessa Hudgens walk in those shoes?

Carla Gugino is clearly on-board with this whole 70s juggernaut.

Kinda digging how Jamie Chung balances tailored trousers with a soft top.


Here's the whole 90s-inflected shebang.

And...the shoes themselves.


Jena Malone does an adorable take on 50s demureness.

Emily Browning, meanwhile, jumps ahead a decade and goes all Mary Quant.


Author Kathryn Lasky Night coordinates hair to clothes: a new high in the history of matchery! My grandmother, somewhere, is thrilled.

Oh yeah...Brand, Owl.

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