You Have No Excuse: Pregnant Chicago Woman Waits in Line to Vote After Her Water Breaks

Excited to vote in her first ever election, a very pregnant 21-year-old suburban Chicago woman interrupted her trip to the hospital's birthing center with a stop at her local polling station. Galicia Malone's water had already broken, and by the time she arrived to wait in line to cast her ballot, her contractions were coming 5 minutes apart. And now it's official: no one has an excuse to not vote. NOT A ONE PERSON.

According to ABC, after Malone voted, she completed her journey to the hospital, ostensibly to give birth. Apropos of nothing, she looks adorable in the picture she posted to Facebook. If I were in labor and waiting in line, I'd probably look something like this:


Here's hoping the baby hasn't been named Mitt.


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