"You Did Not Eat That" Instagram Mocks Skinny People Holding Food

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Uh-oh. Hear those sirens outside? It sounds like the food police have arrived! Hide your nachos, everybody! Don't let them see you near the snacks!


The latest iteration of people getting into other people's business because they do not like the way they eat food comes to us in the form of "You Did Not Eat That," an Instagram account featuring a collection of photos of models, actresses and fitness types posing with food (sometimes even touching it to their mouths), but never quite eating it.

Admittedly, there's something kind of annoying about posing a model who probably never gets to eat pizza in a t-shirt reading "World Pizza Eating Champion" or showing a super conventionally attractive actress scarf down a burger while wearing a bikini on the beach and not showing the bloated aftermath. (The ladies of Carl's Jr. commercials likely avoid the meat bloats — hello darkness, my old friend — by spitting out bites between takes.) In that way, you might appreciate an Instagram account calling out the unrealistic way that advertisers choose to market to us and make us feel bad about ourselves.

That said, not everyone featured on "You Did Not Eat That" is posing for ads or photo spreads. Some photos are just taken from people's personal Instagram accounts. While it might be kind of bothersome for style bloggers to post a bunch of pics of themselves holding ice cream cones that you suspect will never get eaten, it also is pretty bothersome to mock these folks on the internet, all because you think that ice cream cone went to waste.

"You Did Not Eat That" is not the only one failing to mind their dietary bees wax. Recently, US Weekly ran an unironic slideshow called "Celebs Stuffing Their Faces at the Beach" that showed, well, celebs eating food at the beach (or in Shia LaBeouf's case, while walking across the street in a pair of board shorts). Counted among the celebs "stuffing their faces" were Kim Kardashian eating a slice of watermelon, Alicia Keys eating vegetables and Heidi Klum eating a single french fry. Quelle horreur! What face stuffing!

(It seems kind of shitty to put up the link, but I'll do it anyway ONLY because I really want you to see this one photo of Simon Cowell holding a banana like it's a telephone.)

Stars are just like us! In that none of us escape near constant judgement.


Jenna Sauers