You Cried At Your Weddings (But Not As Much As Your Dads Did)

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We had some surprising poll results this go ‘round! You all, and your spouses, more or less split evenly between criers and non-criers at your wedding.


I would have thought things would tip more heavily to yes. Huh!

Onward to your stories! There were so many great ones, my gosh. If you need to have a good cry, I’d suggest going back to read them all. I actually had to stop about halfway through the comments, while putting this post together, because I was crying and didn’t want my husband to catch me weeping into my coffee when he got out of the shower. (Oh yes, I cried at my wedding. I think it was during the “all the days of my life” part, which? Hmm. Let’s not think too much on that one!)

We’ll start with a funny one, from TorchyBlane:

Me; about five minutes of sniffles, plus a few private tears with my husband after the ceremony

Husband; a single manly tear dripping down his nose during the vows, hence my sniffles

My dad and little brother; full-on SOBBING in each other’s arms that necessitated the brother having to go to another room to recover

I come from a sentimental people.

Speaking of man-tears! OMG!PONIES! more or less killed us all with this:

I cried at my wedding as soon as I saw my wife walking down the aisle. I also cried the first time I heard my daughter’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, when I found out she was a girl, the first time that I held her, and sometimes when I rock her to sleep.

There’s nothing unmanly about crying when you’re overwhelmed by love.

There were so many great Dad Moments, like this one from Backyard Milk & Honey:

we both teared up but my step-father in law, a huge tough cowboy type with a handlebar mustache (who used to be a wild man and literally shot the windows out of a bar in town) wept openly and it was so sweet.


And like this one from Countess von Fingerbang: Unsexy Sex Object:

I did not cry. I did, however, start to have one hell of a panic attack once it was time for me to walk down the aisle. As I started to wheeze and get dizzy, my father (who was walking me down the aisle) looked at me and just grinned.

Apparently my father decided to buy fake hilbilly teeth for the occasion, so when he smiled I saw a mouth full of comically grotesque teeth.

My father often makes questionable decisions, but in this case he made the right one. I laughed so hard that my panic attack halted. Fortunately he pocketed the teeth when we walked down the aisle, but they did make an appearance for numerous candid photos.


In reply, keepcalmcarryon shared this marvelous photo, adding:

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“Right there with you girl (Pepto Bismal if you couldn’t tell, haha. A totally unflattering shot but one of my favorites.)”

In other upset stomach news, this story came via email:

Maybe a tear, but the real story is that I was so nervous getting ready that I vomited in the shower. Not my shower - my best friend/bridesmaid’s hotel room shower. She didn’t tell me for months that it was such a mess they had to get maintenance in to clean it out. She’s still my best friend and that’s what love is.


But enough with the tears (and, um, the vomit), let’s end this with some laughter, yes? The following is what I like to think of as a trifecta of evil. (In the good way!)

Tristan Salazar

My wife not only didn’t cry, she laughed and licked the tears off my face.


My husband bawled like a baby. I laughed mercilessly at him sniveling through our vows.



I could hear my family crying during my wedding and I, dry-eyed, was like, “Yes, yesssss, WEEP for me. Muahaha.”


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As suggested by VonQueso, I would love a post of users’ favorite wedding pictures. I unashamedly love looking at other people’s wedding pictures, and I think it’d be fun to post one picture that reflects our weddings!

Case closed.