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You Can Still Get A Decent Gigolo

Illustration for article titled You Can Still Get A Decent Gigolo

"There is really no shortage of authentic gigolos living prominently alongside fabulously wealthy women these days. You just don't ever hear of them, because the term has become so one wants to be associated with socially loathsome characters." [VF]


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There is a company in Canada that is making a decent amount of money offering male prostitutes for female customers.

Interestingly I noticed the guys there were charging a lot more than the rent boys I write ads for.

I can't remember the name of the company right now but they tried to hire me to do some ad copy for them about two months ago.

At the time I was fully booked so I didn't take the job, but they were clearly well organized and legit.

What was interesting is that they had a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You had beer bellied guys for women who wanted cuddle bear types, young buff guys for women who wanted that, "salt and pepper" escorts for women who wanted the Clooney look, guys with beards for that look and so on.

It was so different from the rent boy world where all the guys are young, buff and either hypermasculine or hypertwink.