You Can Now Wake Up to the Dulcet Sounds of a New Motivational Alarm Clock From the Rock

Great news, sunshines: you can now start every morning with a motivational alarm clock app from none other than Dwayne Johnson himself. It’s called, of course, “The Rock Clock.”

That’s according to the Verge. Johnson announced the move with a black-and-white Instagram video of himself smashing an analog alarm clock with a sledgehammer.


Upon downloading, you set a goal for yourself, so that the Rock can periodically encourage you to reach your goals—“I’m gonna be checking in with you guys,” he says, in the first video uploaded for subscribers, “I’m gonna be reading your goals daily, because I have access to everything because I am a secret ninja.” Then you can select from a wealth of ring tones:

There are 25 in all, and apparently The Rock has “created” each one. He personally recorded some of them, like an acoustic guitar-backed “Good Morning Sunshine” and a mashup of sounds that comes from his dog, Hobbs. There are also a couple where he just incessantly repeats the words “beep” and “ring ring,” or another where he smashes a harp as it plays the sort of melody you’d hear in other alarm apps. Johnson is a master at appealing to his various audiences; the “Old School” ringtone pulls in his WWE catchphrases, and “Let’s Ride” is surely meant for the Fast and Furious crowd.

You can even choose to sync your clock with the Rock’s personal timetable, which is presumably very hardcore.

The app is now available in an app store near you. Best of luck.

Photo via Getty Images.

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