You Can Now Visit an Amy Winehouse Museum Exhibit in London

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If you happen to be in and around London this summer, you might want to visit the Jewish Museum where curators are currently running a memorial exhibit honoring the life and Jewish heritage of beloved singer Amy Winehouse.


Created with the help of Winehouse's brother Alex, the exhibit, titled "Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait," will include Amy's clothes, letters from her school days and her old mixtapes (featuring anyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Pearl Jam), as well as details on her Jewish lineage, tracing back to the 1800s when her great grandfather immigrated to England from Belarus.

Included in the collection is Winehouse's application letter for the Sylvia Young Theatre School, in which she wrote, "I want to be remembered for being an actress, a singer...I want to sing in lessons without being told to shut up."

"The more we talked the more we realized the exhibition wasn't going to be about her dresses and her clothes. It's about her roots and her family life," Elizabeth Selby, one of the museum's curators, told the AP. It runs until September 15.

July 23rd will be the two-year anniversary of Winehouse's death.

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since it's at the jewish museum, can i use this as my birthright trip???