You Can Now Consult With the Editor of a Wedding Magazine for a Mere $12,500

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What’s a gal to do if the experience of buying a crystal-studded Pnina Tornai at Kleinfeld’s just isn’t special enough? Well, for merely the price of a used Mercedes (or a new Nissan), she can spend the morning consulting with a bridal magazine editor.


WWD reports on the latest innovation in separating the affianced from their money. Conde Nast’s Brides magazine is now offering a “Bridal Style Package.” For $12,500, the website breathlessly promises:

For the first time ever, we’re lifting the veil and opening our doors to stylish brides everywhere. Tour the iconic BRIDES offices, receive a private consultation with a fashion editor, and get a behind-the-scenes peek at the storied fashion closet—all while enjoying breathtaking views of Manhattan from our Condé Nast headquarters at One World Trade Center.

Plus a digital lookbook and a “luxury gift bag.” Pony up an additional $2,500 and you can include your mom, maid of honor, or stray bridesmaid. For $17,500, you get all of the above plus a specially designed honeymoon itinerary! Wow! “What I’m seeing from our research is that the Millennial girl wants experiences,” said publisher Michelle Myers.

WWD notes that the experience includes breakfast with an editor, but not lunch.

Alternatively, you could buy a donut at a street-side coffee cart, pay $32 and park your butt somewhere on the floor of One World Observatory, then leaf through Brides magazine with your mom and/or matron of honor. If you’re lucky, you might be there on the same day as an underpaid, overworked, thoroughly miserable Conde Nast editorial assistant on the obligatory tourist visit with her family from out of town!

Please note that you don’t actually get a dress out of this: “I would love for this package to lead to her finding her dream dress,” EIC Keija Minor told WWD. “It’s definitely about the consultation now. We’re not trying to sell dresses out of our [fashion] closet. It’s more about arming her with the information she needs.” Never mind that for the same price she could walk out of the bridal salon at Bergdorf Goodman with at least a dress (though perhaps not a veil).

Ridiculous as this is, it’s also pretty savvy, because it is very easy to envision the bride to whom this would appeal. Plus it’s probably dirt-cheap for Brides to offer the service and so if even a couple of brides per month bother, it’s financial gravy. Certainly worth a try.


For the record the Jezebel experience includes a stale bag of rainbow Doritos and a crumpled-up Tiger Beat poster we keep forgetting to tape to our office wall. Act now!

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