You Can Never Have Too Many Hangers

All: Parsons MFA Runway, September 4, 2019.
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New York Fashion Week has commenced its perpetual cyclone of DOING THINGS and LOOKING AT PEOPLE; despite rumors of its decline in recent years, it is something like a fixed game, where influencers and brands will always be peacocking no matter what form it takes, or where it happens. And sure as Fashion Week exists, there will always be innovators, often recently-graduated students, making truly stupendous fascinator hats out of wrapped up hangers, a commentary on the nature of clothing itself.

Above is a bitchin’ headpiece at the Parsons MFA runway show at Spring Studios Wednesday morning; it is paired with a crochet bralette and topped only (perhaps!) by a gauzy crop top decorated in what appears to be pink-lemonade rug-hooking, whether letters or numbers or curlicues of whimsy. I don’t know about you, but I’d probably wear it at some point, somewhere!


I spoke too soon—this creature from the blue lagoon is the best look from this line, because finally someone is designing clothes that both ENFPs and INFPs will adore. Wanna go outside fully cloaked and feel like you’re not even there? This suit’s for you! Wanna go outside fully bedecked and soak up all the attention? This suit’s for you!

Eye contact: It’s overrated.


It’s overrated, I tell you!


Fashion Week! It’s fun, I swear.

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