You and I Will Never Rage Like They Rage in Manchester, UK

The Manchester Evening News has published an incredible slideshow of photos documenting what hell might look like.

According to the introduction:

“Revellers descended on the city centre and an M.E.N photographer captured the cuddles and kisses as well as the aftermath with people lying in the road, vomiting and urinating in the street as well as a few revellers being helped by police.”


Photos include a woman shrieking desperately into the void as she is flanked by police officers (caption: “Police assist woman from a cab”), a drunk young zombie dying slowly (caption: “Police hold on to a man near the Printworks”), a close-up of something I will never un-see (caption: “A man vomits in the street”), and...this (caption: “Police hold on to a man as another lies in the road.”)

Oh my god.


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Goddam, I do NOT miss going out and getting drunk on New Years.