Yolanda Hadid, Mother of Gigi and Bella, Will Host Her Own Model Competition Reality Show

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Hello, my loooooves! Yolanda Hadid—sacred keeper of Lyme and former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills—will not, as rumored, be joining the cast of Real Housewives of New York to be nearer to her precious model daughters, Gigi and Bella. Instead she’ll be hosting her own modeling competition for momagers and their statuesque daughters.


According to Deadline, the Lifetime show—tentatively titled Model Moms (creative)—will feature Hadid, herself an accomplished model with a decades-long career, “as she coaches aspiring teen models to succeed on and off the catwalk.”

Former model and television personality Yolanda Hadid (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) knows what it takes to be a big name in the modeling business as the mother agent to fashion’s “IT” girls Gigi and Bella, and model son Anwar. Model Moms brings Yolanda and her expertise to the forefront as she coaches aspiring teen models to succeed on and off the catwalk. Yolanda, along with her trusted team of experts, will put the girls and their “momagers” through an intensive eight-week training program, focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellness that it takes to build a sustainable brand. With a $5,000 weekly prize on the line to put towards their future careers, only one girl will be left standing to win a management contract with Yolanda’s company and the potential opportunity to be represented by IMG Models in New York. Model Moms is produced by Hudsun Media for Lifetime. Michael Rourke, Sean Rankine and Yolanda Hadid executive produce. Lifetime’s Mariana Flynn, Mary Donahue, Mioshi Hill and Colleen Conway Grogan also executive produce.


Some potential lessons Yo’ might teach the girls:

  • “I like to have fun, but I don’t play games.”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re my friend, act like one.”
  • “Character isn’t what you have, it’s who you are.”
  • “Fake friends believe rumors, real friends believe in you.”

The show does not yet have a premiere date.

Okay! Bye, my looooves!!!!

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Was Yo really a big deal in the modeling world? She’s great looking, but I never heard a mention of her prior to RHOBH. I can imagine she had a solid, workmanlike career, but nothing special. Am I way off base?