Yet Another Garbage Abortion Bill Has Been Passed, This Time in Indiana

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A bill called HB 1337 is on its way to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, at which point he will decide if women who have had abortions should be held responsible for the burial or cremation of the fetus, amongst other bat-shit insane things.


Authored by Rep. Casey Cox, R-Fort Wayne, the bill would obligate both woman who sought abortions and women who miscarried responsible for the disposal of the fetus through cremation or internment. As well as additional trauma, this would likely increase the financial burden of their medical care.

The bill demands that a woman considering an abortion listen to the fetal heartbeat and view an ultrasound of the fetus 18 hours before the abortion procedure. She would have the option to sign a form to pass on this, and most Indiana women would have to. Only 4 out of 92 counties in Indiana have abortion providers, and the ultrasounds must be done at the same facility the abortion will be performed. That’s a lot of traveling and an 18 hour wait, meaning more cost and time away from home.

The classic “doctor must have hospital admitting privileges” clause is shoved in there, too, in case you thought they missed even the slightest opportunity to stick it to women’s health.

Another aspect of the bill is summarized thusly:

Prohibits a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely because of: (1) the race, color, national origin, ancestry, or sex of the fetus; or (2) a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability. Provides for disciplinary sanctions and civil liability for wrongful death if a person knowingly or intentionally performs a sex selective abortion or an abortion conducted because of a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disability.


“Any other disability” is a broad spectrum that might force a woman to bring a baby to term who wont survive long past birth, potentially in great suffering, even if the pregnancy is high risk for the mother.

The bill passed the Indiana House 60-40. And it’s not even the only anti-abortion bill we reported on today.


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I made a burner for this. No one knows this story except me, my husband and our healthcare providers. I had an abortion of a baby I wanted more than anything, ever. I loved her so much.

She just wasn’t healthy like her twin and it basically boiled down to terminate the terminally ill twin earlier than later, or let it carry out and with each passing day as the babies grew, the chance that the sick one would have died and triggered labor grew. (The bigger a fetus is when it does, the more likely the death is to cause labor. That’s not normally a problem, except when you’re dealing with trying to keep a healthy twin inside.)

So, we terminated. My husband and I cried and held each other as the needle went in and stopped her heart. I’ve never forgiven myself, even though I know what we did saved the life and health of her twin, who was born with just a minor defect. The twin who died had severe deformities and would have died soon after in a very agonizing way. However, the way it played out was peaceful. She died in a warm, cozy place surrounded by people who loved her.

Tell me, Republicans. Tell me what a whore and what a sinner I am.