Are Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig the new DeNiro and Scorsese or the new Bogart and Huston? Both, probably! The actress and director can't stop working together β€” THANK YEEZUS β€” and we, the public, keep benefitting.

Fresh off The Heat, McCarthy is now in talks to star in Susan Cooper, Paul Feig's new spy comedy that centers around a female James Bond type. Susan Cooper would be the pair's third film together (Feig directed both The Heat and Bridesmaids).

Of McCarthy, Feig β€” an outspoken advocate of giving women better roles in comedy β€” once told GQ:

β€œLet any debate about β€˜women aren't funny’ be put to rest. I would do anything with [Melissa McCarthy], and she's got such range that she kind of can do anything. The worst thing you could do, if you had a Melissa McCarthy in your employ, would be, β€˜Can you just stick to the script?’ But that happens a lot. Why the fuck would you ever do that?"


Best showmance ever.

Melissa McCarthy in Talks to Join Paul Feig's 'Susan Cooper' [THR]

Image via AP.