Yes, Those Are Meghan Markle's Potential Wedding Dress Designs Floating Around

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Alert! Alert! Meghan Markle will be wearing a dress to her wedding!

Wedding dress sketches by Israeli designer Inbal Dror were intercepted by TMZ on Monday: long sleeved, body hugging ensembles that are crowned with what looks like the idea of a hat. Setting aside that it would be insane for her to wear a hat, Dror’s designs look exactly like what you would imagine a princess starring in her own love story would wear.


Business Insider reports that Dror was asked by the folks over in Kensington Palace to submit sketches, but that doesn’t mean the deal is in the bag. It just means that a future princess can command the person who dressed Beyoncé at the Grammys last year as she likes. On Tuesday, a Dror spokesperson confirmed that the leaked sketches were the real thing to People, saying, “We received a request from the royal family to send a sketch.”

They were unable to provide more details as it’s “a secret.”

There are likely a number of contenders and it will be enjoyable to see all of their work get leaked and inspire a frenzy of copycats. Also, Markle being an American is significant in the clothing department, because she can break out of the theoretically restrictive expectations regarding her designer choice. British Fashion Council chairman Harold Tillman told The Daily Mail, “We need to be embracing international business. If we get ourselves into, ‘She’s marrying a British royal so she has to wear British,’ then we’re isolating ourselves.”

The dress is a symbol. The hat is a mistake.

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I think we can be pretty safe in saying that absolutely NO dress that we see being ‘leaked’ as MM’s dress, is going to be the actual dress design...

And both of these designs are gross anyway.