Y/NY/N is a guide to the week’s music releases based on our highly scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system.  

Y: Miguel's quickie preview of "Coffee," a warm, morning-after love-hangover song, has me overly excited for new music from him. It's only 15 seconds, but I can already tell this could be the best 15 seconds of my life. [Complex]

N: The video for Ryan Hemsworth's "Snow In Newark" features a bunch of strange faux mysticism, like the above screenshot of him getting some life advice from a monkey. It's kind of a visual version of when I see motivational quotes on Twitter. Get into it, though. Maybe you'll like it. [Do Androids Dance]

N: At first I was like, there's nothing particularly bad about Karmin's "Sugar" so I'll say No. I could see myself humming the melody (it's already in my head), but I'll say no anyway. I can't see myself replaying it willingly. [Idolator]

N: On "Melancholy," wise old man Jaden Smith flips Pink Floyd's dreamy, druggy "Breathe." First of all, I did not know Jaden's voice was this deep? I kind of get what he's going for, but can't listen to these lyrics without laughing: "Man I'm sorry I didn't eat today/'Cause I didn't know what I should eat today." [SoundCloud]

Y: Tamar's "Let Me Know" sold me once I got past Future's unnecessary warbling. It's basic slick and smooth R&B. [YouTube]


N: Stereogum calls Tiger Village's "Cascades" "fun as hell," and they also told me to disregard its intentional eargasm of noise distortions and video game sound effects, but I can't. [Stereogum]