Am I feuding with you? No. Is my cat feuding with all the ghosts he sees roaming around the apartment? Iā€™m not sure. Is Nicki Minaj feuding with Demi Lovato? Maybe.

On Tuesday afternoon, Nicki posted a photo to Instagram of her, Jeremy Scott, and Demi Lovato on the red carpet at Mondayā€™s Met Gala. She tagged Jeremy Scott, and she tagged Moschino (his fashion house), but she didnā€™t tag Demiā€”the woman standing beside her.

Lovato interpreted this as shade, and posted this photo to her Snapchat:


Ah, yes. The laughing/crying emoji people often use to feign a lack of caring. Lovato, whose personal brand is ā€œI am often confident! And I donā€™t care what people think!ā€ (in other words, the laughing/crying emoji) continued protesting too much on Instagram.



Justin Bieber is being sued for $100,000 after allegedly destroying the cellphone of a man named Jason Friedman who filmed him spilling beer ā€œall over his clothes and faceā€ while chugging from a beer bong. (Amateur!)


Writes TMZ:

Morgan never got his SIM card back, which contained precious memories, including pics of his grandmaā€™s 100th birthday party. He says he also lost business contacts and itā€™s eaten into his commission. Morgan adds he minored in photography in college and had 5,000 pics and videos documenting his travels, which heā€™ll never get back.

I wonder how many nights a week Justin Bieberā€™s lawyers do beer bongs until they stop feeling.



Hey, hereā€™s the worst Instagram since Anne Hathaway did that weird Beyonce thing:


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