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YES: Lupita Nyong'o Wins at the Critics' Choice Awards

The amazingly talented and all-around wonderful Lupita Nyong'o won Best Supporting Actress at the Critics' Choice Awards last night, proving that there's at least a glimmer of justice in this cruel and capricious universe. Her acceptance speech, as one would expect, was great.


The speech was modest, charming, funny ("Julia [Roberts], thank you so much for making my brother the coolest guy in school by taking a picture with him") and moving ("Being a part of 12 Years a Slave has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and I could not be standing here had it not been for Solomon Northup and his love and passion for freedom"). Lupita did forget to mention Oprah when listing her co-nominees, but whatever, if I were in her position I'd probably forget how to make words and control my bladder.

Although it's not shown in the clip, as she left the stage Nyong'o received a standing ovation led by Oprah, and oh my god I think there's something in my eye.

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Can I just say I was little annoyed that Jonah Hill pronounced her last name incorrectly. I mean even if he'd never heard her name before last night, don't presenters at least try to practice saying the nominees names before going on stage? Geesh.

Here's a clip of her pronouncing it on Kimmel... Side note I soooo want that little blue dress!