Yep, This Police Sketch Looks Exactly Like the Culprit

Image via CBS 

Look at the precision of this work.

This may be one of the most impressive police sketches I’ve ever seen, for the simple fact that it worked. The pointed nose, beady eyes, terse lips. This amateur drawing done by a witness helped Pennsylvania’s Lancaster Police Department catch a suspect who robbed a stand at Central Market on February 6.


CBS’s local affiliate reports:

The man pretended to be an employee and when he was alone, he stole cash from the stand and fled on foot, according to police.

The suspect was described as a man in his 30s who was 5-foot-4 and possibly South American or Asian.

In addition, he was described as having straight, black hair covering his ears with wide cheekbones and a pointed chin.

That’s him. The sketch is very on point and that’s not a joke. Citizens are the true artists of our era.


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