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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Singer Karen O Is A Married Lady

Illustration for article titled Yeah Yeah Yeahs Singer Karen O Is A Married Lady

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O recently married longtime boyfriend Barnaby Clay. In case you're wondering who that is, Clay directed O in the 2009 video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs single "Zero," which is how oh so many rock n roll love stories begin. Okay, maybe this is the first but it could be more common than we think!


Much to my disappointment, no further details of the nuptials were released but I'm guessing glitter, leather, enviable dresses, and beer spitting were all involved.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez do a little sensual cuddling. You know the kind. [ONTD]


"Getting ready for an event. Let's see if someone can guess what my hair color is going to be." —Evan Rachel Wood on Twitter. [Just Jared]

"I'm not very social. I don't do a lot with them and I'm very home bound. I talk to Brad. But I don't know, I don't have a lot of friends to talk to. He is really the only person I talk to. He has expanded my life in ways I never imagined." —Angelina Jolie [Express]

Courtney Stodden stepped out in a fur coat and a bikini, like you do. [ONTD]

Rod Stewart is said to be releasing a new cd and an autobiography next year. [ONTD]


"Anybody that's going to date her is a brave man. You're going to get a whole lot of love, but you'd better treat her right, or we're all coming after you." —Julia Roberts on Adele. [TheSun]

Sinead O'Connor also recently married (a therapist)...and it's worth noting, it took place in the same Vegas chapel that Britney Spears and Elvis were wed in (separately, of course). [ONTD]


Apparently, there's a "right way" to hate Diablo Cody. [FemPop]

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Karen O's wedding would have made me 100% happier if Clay was in a band called "Honeycomb's Big".