Yale Suspends Frat Behind Rape Chant

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In an unusual move, Yale University publicly announced that it's finally disciplined Delta Kappa Epsilon, the frat that chanted, "No means yes! Yes means anal!" on campus in October. This wouldn't have something to do with that Title IX gender discrimination suit, would it?


Yale College Dean Mary Miller made the announcement in an email to students and faculty this afternoon, which has been posted by the Yale Daily News. DKE has been banned from conducting any activities on campus for five years, won't be allowed to communicate with students using the university's email and online forum, and its use of the school's name will be "severely limited." The email also states:

After a full hearing, the Committee found that the DKE chapter, as an organization, one comprised of Yale students, had threatened and intimidated others, in violation of the Undergraduate Regulations of Yale College as they pertain to "harassment, coercion or intimidation" and "imperiling the integrity and values of the University community." The Executive Committee further found several fraternity members had also, as individuals, violated the same regulations.

The Committee issued penalties to individual fraternity members. Because of confidentiality restrictions imposed by federal privacy law and by Yale's own policies, I cannot provide further detail about charges or decisions with regard to individuals in this email.


Yale has also asked the fraternity's national organization to suspend the chapter for five years. After the incident it put the chapter on probation. The New York Times (which was too classy to mention the anal reference in the chant) spoke to Doug Lanpher, the national organization's executive director. He refused to say what actions would be taken, and added:

"We've corrected the situation ... We suspended their pledging activities for six weeks so we could review their activities with them. Clearly, the chanting was inappropriate and in poor taste, but does it warrant a five-year suspension?"

No, probably not. They should just give the frat a slap on the wrist like they usually do! That's definitely the best way to continue the frat's proud tradition of (allegedly) contributing to a "hostile sexual environment."

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Fucking disband them all, frats and sororities alike. This creepy shit has been going on for far too long. Let people learn how to form bonds and make friends with those that are different from them, rather than emphasizing the value of conformity that is part and parcel of these things. This is uni, not high school, are these bodies really necessary for adults?