Y/N: Tweens and Moms Will Like This Acoustic Bieber Song

Y/NY/N is a guide to the week’s music releases based on our highly scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system.

Y: My reaction to Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson's "Home to Mama" is this — :') It's hard to resist the acoustic strings and these lyrics: "Girl, nobody from the past is beating you right now/ 'Cause I'll take you home to mama/ I'll let you meet my friends." Listen along and make me feel less cheesy for liking this. [Billboard]

Y: Jillian Hervey's vocals on "Jump Hi" give me shades of Erykah Badu. The video naturally features lots of acrobatic hops, with a playground and a rooftop as the backdrop. This is fun and little bit solemn at the same time. [Stereogum]

N: Ty Dolla $ign's "Lies & Dreams" (featuring Iamsu!) wants to be a bedroom slow jam (it's about the anticipation of boning), but the suave factor is missing. When will R&B singers learn that excessive AutoTune fucks up your sweet nothings? [Fader]


Y: Rapper and emo storyteller Ghostface starts off "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by rapping, "Feeling fresh, walking down the block/ 'Bout to see my boo, it's about six o'clock." He's so excited, but then it spirals into a sad tale about finding his girl with another dude who's got the nerve to be wearing his robe. I'm amused. [Karen Civil]

Y: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars combine their retro powers on "Uptown Funk," which makes me want to slide into a roller rink. I'd imagine myself doing a complicated choreography, but in reality I'm just gliding. "Funk" is in the title, so you know what it is, and I love that the hook—"don't believe me, just watch"—is swiped from Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything." Replay a thousand times. [Stereogum]

Y: Ross' gruff raps on "Movin Bass" glides over a Timbaland beat that tumbles and bounces. Given Jay Z's recent track record of lackluster bars, I think I'm happy he doesn't get a full verse. My shoulders are moving. [Nah Right]

Y: The video for Little Dragon's "Underbart" contains a trippy mental breakdown. I'm getting Girl, Interrupted. [Guardian]

N: Omarion's corny attempts to be smooth appeal to me for some reason. "Post to Be" is all about stealing another guy's chick and mimics every other DJ Mustard beat, which tend to sound like nursery rhymes with bass. The song also features this line from Jhené Aiko: "I might let ya boy chauffeur me/ But he gotta eat the booty like groceries." Er.... Oh god, this is catchy, but for the title alone, I'll pass. [Rap-Up]


Y: The claps and clanging on Bia's "Chain Swang" reminds me of the Hell Hath No Fury era of The Clipse, and I'm digging her air of cool. [Fader]

Y: In the video for "Outside," Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding make a strong visual statement about the destructive force of alcohol. [Idolator]

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