Y/N: This Charlie Puth Video Hurts My Insides

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N: I must continue to dislike Charlie Puth simply off the strength of the cloying “See You Again” being such a hit. “One Call Away” (something about long distance relationships) is the epitome of faux sentimental auditorium pop and this video hurts me. It’s begging for a kids-choir breakdown at the end. [Idolator]

N: Segue: I heard this remix of Wiz Khalifa’s“See You Again” with Trey Songz before it was removed. Now you can’t hear it and that’s not a bad thing. [Rap-Up]


Y: FXWRK describes her collaborations with Kilbourne as “dripping with feels and emotional resonance” and that sounds so perfect. The stammered echoes on “Bang” in particular are magnetic. [Fact-Mag]

Y: On “Automatic,” AlunaGeorge manages to not get her floaty voice lost in the walls of ZHU’s rollicking clock ticks, plinks and bone rhythms. It’s all seemingly at odds but also effortless. [Idolator]

Y: Joe Jonas is in a band called DNCE that’s not a boy band and this is their single, “Cake by the Ocean,” a spunky dance record that’s already entangled in my brain. Is it weird that I like it? Is it like Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 fornicated? Whatever. Best adlib: “Fucking delicious.” [Billboard]

Y: This Tink video takes place in a strip club. [Fader]

N: This week in bad decision-making, someone let Sanaa Lathan record a track about “emotional niggas” with Dej Loaf. Had it been Dej’s song alone, this could’ve worked because the beat has a tough pulse to it. But Sanaa sounds like she’s almost about to sing somewhat well. [Rap-Up]

Y: I’m okay with Sam Smith’s version of “Hotline Bling” because he’s the perfect bereaved soul to inhabit this song. [Idolator]

Y: Stromae’s “Quant C’est” (which translates to “When Is It?”) is a song that, he says, “explores the pain caused and inevitable fear of cancer.” The video is a great dramatic interpretation of death and there’s a moment when the body’s silhouette droops and its soul gets lifted into the heavens. It’s visually striking. [Spin]


N: Christina Milian’s “Do It” starts off with a decent snap, but then she does that AutoTune sex kitten bedroom voice thing and something about her songs lately reek of desperation. Also, this line: “Baby I don’t usually do this/ Usually a virtuous woman.” [YBF]

Y: Desert. Old Man in a chair. Hypnosis. Dystopia! Disclosure. [Idolator]

N: Halsey covered my favorite song right now, Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” and I want to like it but can’t say I’m that impressed. She’s got a cooler, raspier tone than Biebs but the pitch is off. The second half of the mashup, Weeknd’s “Often,” isn’t much better. [Billboard]


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Kat Marlowe

I must continue to dislike Charlie Puth simply off the strength of the cloying “See You Again” being such a hit.

And, I dislike him for that wretched Marvin Gaye song he did with Meghan Trainor.

What's nice about Charlie is that there are so many reasons to dislike him that you'll never run out of conversation.