Y/N: Empress Of Tells You to Go to Hell and Lana del Rey Loves the Heat

Hell Y: Empress Of, “Go To Hell” - I love this perfect new pop song from Lorely Rodriguez’s project Empress Of, on which she admirably flips the middle fingers to any haters. “You love the sound of your own voice, is this conversation an interview?” she sings. Go to hell!!! - Hazel Cills


Y: The Sound of Arrows featuring Niki & the Dove, “In the Shade of Your Love” - Any nu-AC is good nu-AC. This meeting of Swedish synth pop duos reminds me of Cyndi Lauper covering Phil Collins while Peter Gabriel mans the boards. It feels precious, almost self-conscious about its prettiness, but then it has every right to feel that way. Lovely. - Rich Juzwiak

Y: Dungen - Trollkarlen och fågeldräkten (Version 2) - This first release from Norwegian producer Prins Thomas’s forthcoming full-length revision of Swedish band Dungen’s 2016 Häxan release (intended as an original score for Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 movie The Adventures of Prince Achmed) is quite the potion of grooves and hisses. It’s tense and yet driven by bouncy, clap-filled percussion that doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Its press release promises that the album this is featured on, Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas), will include “17 minute epics, wide open spaces, Balearic ambience, psychedlia, all things cosmic and Kraut grooves.” Fuck me up with all of it, please! - Rich Juzwiak

Y: Lana Del Rey featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboy Carti, “Summer Bummer” - Lana Del Rey figured out how to make music that I will listen to without falling asleep: add A$AP Rocky and Playboy Carti. In any other season, America’s very own art-school Moaning Myrtle, breathing “Hip-hop in the summer” over a trap dirge beat would feel out of place and sleepy. For a soupy, sticky July day, it’s just the ticket. - Megan Reynolds

We’re going out to drink and cry. Add your fave and least fave jams of the week below.

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