Y/N: Demi Lovato Seduces a Summer Fling In Her New Video

Y: The bright cinematography in Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer” video evokes summer icy flavors and somehow makes me hungry. Here, Demi’s wearing a leather bodysuit and hanging with her girls, exuding an aura of no fucks while singing about a meaningless summer fling, possibly with a chick. [Complex]


Y: Jenny Hval’s video for her spooky song “Sabbath” was shot on a cell phone and her collaborator Zia Anger says it’s “best viewed on a cracked screen.” It’s fine for what it is, which is just ridiculous, dramatic, slow-motion silliness. [Pitchfork]

N: We can’t deny that The Black Eyed Peas are re-entering our lives. In this “Yesterday” video, three of them minus Fergie hang out in record stores with a retro filter. Honestly, it would be cool if it wasn’t the Black Eyed Peas. [Rolling Stone]

Y: Frank Ocean’s “Lost” is one of my favorite tracks on his debut. Major Lazer’s remix gives it a cool enough slow-wind island vibe. [Idolator]

Y: YG’s “Twist My Fingaz” fits perfectly in the evolution of G-funk and will be listened to while doing lots of uncoordinated Cripwalking. [Billboard]

Y: Chvrches “Leave a Trace” is some pretty soul searching: “I’ll admit that I got it wrong/ And there is gray between the lines.” [Stereogum]

Y: Normally I’d skip a record titled “YAS,” but this song by R&B newcomer Carmen is something decent I can jam to, slow and pulsing. It sounds like early Cassie. [This Is RnB]

N: Trina’s song and video for “Real One” is bad, but I do want the throne Trina’s sitting on and I appreciate when she raps, “Shouldn’t have never let you out the friend zone.” [Miss Info]

Y: T-Pain’s car-centric remix—his T-mix—of Jidenna’s “Classic Man” is how the original should sound and instantly makes you happy. We can all just pretend the original doesn’t exist and just listen to this. [Miss Info]

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That new Demi song is DEFINITELY about a girl. Man, those lyrics. I love her so.