We can't be the only ones who think the pervy artist "Barry Richardman" in Uncanny X-Men #528 bears a striking resemblance to a certain Uncle Terry...


The San Francisco Art Museum is on fire. The culprits? Nekra Sinclair-Nekra ("Rage transformed into super-strength. Very very angry right now") and "super-strong, super-tough, super-mad" Joanna Cargill-Frenzy.

"Girls, girls, girls," says Northstar, an avenging hero, patronizingly, "It may be bad art, but that doesn't mean you get to blow up the museum and set it on fire." Adds his female coworker, "I thought you two were smarter than this."


But Nekra and Joanna are mad as hell. "Barry Richardman's so-called art is cheap, exploitative porn," says one, and "what he does to models is borderline assault and unquestionably cruel," adds Joanna.

While we kinda wish it was the artist himself who got his ass kicked instead of the (typically Playboy-ready) vigilantes, that's as good a critique as we've seen of the master's oeuvre. So, amen to that, Fraction and Portacio!

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