X Factor's Rachel Crow Decides to Comb Mean Girls Out of Her Curls

Fourteen-year-old Rachel Crow, who wowed Simon Cowell (and TV viewers) with her X Factor audition last year, has just debuted a new song and video from her upcoming album, and it deals with bullying. Crow sings:

Who do you think you are
Loud mouth cafeteria star
Maybe somebody was cruel to you
So you think that's what you're supposed to do


And continues:

I won't let it get to me no more
I don't wanna feel this way
I can't believe I let it go so far
No no, it's not okay
What do you know about me?
Do you wanna know what I think?
Mean girls, mean girls
I'm a just comb you out of my curls
Mean girls, mean girls,
You no longer run my world

The song is kind of meh, but at least Crow, who has a small part on a Nickelodeon show called Fred, is singing positive, age-appropriate stuff to her young fans?

[The Hollywood Reporter]


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