Wyoming Overrun With Wild Stallions

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Faced with an out of control feral horse population, the state of Wyoming is considering slaughtering the animals for meat. Sad.

According to Newsweek,

The Bureau of Land Management has tried culling herds through roundups, auctions, and federal corrals. But the feral ranks have nearly tripled, to 69,000 since 1971, and more than half of those horses are roaming free in 10 Western states. Factor in the thousands of horses turned loose during the recession, and the result, the government contends, is a population that's overwhelmed its habitat.


Naysayers suggest the practice of slaughtering the animals is inhumane, but advocates point out that there is a demand for horse meat from the pet food industry and that death by slaughterhouse is a much more humane way to go than by starving to death in the wilderness.

The hopeful six year old girl in me suggests that the state of Wyoming hold their horses on killing off the population; the holidays are coming up, and I'm sure at least a quarter million kids will be asking for a pony. Most kids don't think to specify that they might have difficulty handling a feral horse. Their problem now!

A Crowded Home On The Range in Wyoming [Newsweek]

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My 10 year old self is clutching her "Misty of Chincoteague" paperback to her chest and sobbing uncontrollably.