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Wyatt Cenac, who’s starring in the upcoming TBS comedy People of Earth, has publicly put pressure on the network to diversity the show’s staff.


The series—which centers on alien abduction survivors in a support group—stars Cenac as Ozzie Graham, “a journalist who is skeptical of the alien-abduction claims at first but comes to suspect that he’s had his own close encounter,” according to Variety.

Conan O’Brien is executive producing, with an ensemble cast that includes Saturday Night Live alum Ana Gasteyer and Oscar Nunez from The Office (yes!).


TBS officially ordered People of Earth to series today, prompting this tweet from Cenac, openly challenging them to diversify the crew.

Hollywood would surely benefit from more people being as public about their hiring practices.

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Having people of color in a show can really ruin the experience though. Personally, I get frightened when they come on screen and have to cross the street. But then im not even in my house anymore and so I miss important exposition and stuff.