WTF: Rolling Stone Cover Casts 30 Rock Men as Superheroes, Tina Fey as Damsel in Distress

Illustration for article titled WTF: emRolling Stone/em Cover Casts em30 Rock/em Men as Superheroes, Tina Fey as Damsel in Distress

What the fuck is this garbage? 30 Rock is ending after seven seasons of genius and this is how Rolling Stone celebrates? Tina Fey is the star, the creator, the executive producer, the person behind the casting of Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer, and, according to IMDB, she has a writing credit on 135 episodes. So why do Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin have superhero outfits on while Tina Fey is wearing a goddamn pencil skirt? Look, we love a good pencil skirt. And Liz Lemon and Lois Lane have the same initials. But this is some fucking bullshit. If you're going to go with the superhero theme, she should be Wonder Woman, rescuing those jokers. An even better cover would be Fey as a cheerleader, standing on the shoulders of those two with her fist raised high. Actually, even better than that? Fey as a '40s femme fatale — she looked fantastic in a slinky, glittery dress at the Golden Globes — with Morgan and Baldwin as stools or rats, being double-crossed and/or held at gunpoint, wearing fedoras and suits. Jack's not wearing a tux? What is he, a farmer?

[Rolling Stone]

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Violet Baudelaire

Somehow I'm not all that bothered? Possibly because Lois Lane is a smart, successful female writer in her own right, so I'm not getting the Damsel in Distress bit as much from this.

Also, because the goddamn headline on the article says "How Tina Fey pulled off TV's smartest sitcom". Rolling Stone is giving her huge props and full credit right there.