WTF Moment On Daytime TV

1:16pm, EST. MSNBC.


Joe Biden describing Up In the Air:

It's like you look up and they're flying — they're all over the place. And there's a girl, I think she's a girl, and she's just... well, she's very smart. I mean for her age. Not to say I know her age, exactly, I just mean based on, you know, what the movie indicates. But the kids man — the lady with the kids? That really upset me. It's like this movie, you think it's one kind of movie, and then it's another kind. But still, very exciting.

Joe Biden on The Hurt Locker:

Man, war. But just amazing, with the explosions. Really great action sequences. I kept expecting Arnold to walk out of the dust, with a gun or something. Really cool. But also, you know, sad. The war part, I mean. But the explosions and the action — that was great.

Joe Biden reviews Inglorious Basterds:

That shit with Hitler and the movie theater? Wow. It's going to make me sound uninformed or ignorant or whatever, but I have to admit: I didn't know. We should be teaching our kids about this stuff in school. Because I'm the Vice President, and I didn't even know.