WSJ Attempts to Drum Up Sympathy for Paupers Making $400K a Year

Illustration for article titled iWSJ/i Attempts to Drum Up Sympathy for Paupers Making $400K a Year

Break out your tiniest violins: a new video released by the Wall Street Journal either as a deliberately unsympathetic joke designed to agitate the stirrings of an American class war or as one of the whitest whines of all time shows just how a person who makes $400,000 per year can feel like SUPER poor.

As the venerable Murdoch property explains, it's really quite easy to feel poor when you make $400,000 a year and have two kids and live in a $1.2 million home and buy a $60,000 new car every four years and go on $25,000 worth of vacations per year and spend $10,000 on your kids' sports and school activities and more than $500 per week on groceries. You're just barely making expenses.

Here, watch the video. It explains everything.


Eat the rich.

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$12,500 for a single vacation? Bye.

My friends frequently ask how I manage to travel so much— and I travel well, none of that youth hostel nonsense. I. . . shop around for deals, that's how. I've traveled the world (and stayed in various nice hotels) and have never spent more than $2000 on a single two week trip.

The fuck are you people doing that's so expensive? Learn it, Live it, Love it.