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Writer Sues TMZ for Being A Sexist, Harassing 'Boys Club'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A former TMZ writer has sued TMZ, its production company and Warner Bros. for discriminating against her because she's a woman and then firing her when she complained about it.


In a complaint filed over the weekend obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Taryn Hillin says she worked for TMZ between February 2012 and September 2013 and that from the beginning, it was not a great experience. When she got the job, Hillin was told that female writers were typically fired "within weeks" and that only one had lasted nine months. Some things her co-workers said to her about her job:

  • "Good luck being a girl writer"
  • "TMZ hates women"
  • "Evan [Rosenblum] hates women"
  • "Sorry they treat you like that, you know how TMZ is with women"

Much of the abuse Hillin reports occurred under aforementioned TMZ executive producer Evan Rosenblum (who, like TMZ head honcho Harvin Levin, can be seen on pretty regularly on their television show TMZ Live). Some things Rosenblum said to her:

  • "Don't be a girl"
  • "Never cry in front of me"
  • "You're a fucking shit"
  • "This is horrible"
  • "I fucking hate the shit you turn in"

According to the suit, Rosenblum promoted male employees who were less qualified than Hillin and generally treated male writers "more favorably" than female employees:

For example, Rosenblum would not allow Plaintiff to rewriter her own projects, but would allow the male writers to handle their own rewriters. Additionally, he disparaged Plaintiff to other employees, including negative comments about her work product and/or performance.


Eventually Hillin complained about her treatment and was then fired. She is seeking compensatory damages and coverage of her attorney's fees. Thus far, TMZ has not commented, nor have they run a piece about the lawsuit against them with a headline like TMZ GIRL WRITER — MY BOSS CALLED ME A FUCKING SHIT or GIRL WRITER SUES TMZ — TMZ HATES WOMEN or GIRL WRITER — TMZ FIRED ME FOR HAVING A VAGINA!

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