Would You Use a 'Smart' Menstrual Cup that Texts You Your Monthly Flow?

If you’re interested in tracking the color and volume of your menstrual flow, then cool, this product may be for you.

The Looncup is a “smart menstruation cup” that’s currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Besides holding your blood, as menstrual cups do, it also keeps tabs on the haps of your period.


Many apps are already available that do the same, but this claims to offer even more stats on your flow by, for example, alerting you via Bluetooth whenever your cup is full.

According to their Kickstarter (via Mashable):

After a simple signup and log-in, your LOONCUP automatically pairs with your app, and is ready to give your menstrual cycle information in real-time and at a glance, both current and past. As the cup fills, it gives you gentle alarms about the fluid level. When it reaches 50%, the alarm interval shortens. At 70%, it nudges you more frequently, so you’ll always be prepared.

Here’s a helpful visual that explains how it works:


The cup needs to be replaced after six months when the battery dies. The Kickstarter is halfway to its goal.

Two viewpoints:


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