Would You Rescue A Polygamist Child Bride?

This week's topic on the hidden camera series What Would You Do? was ripped from the headlines: Would people help a 15-year old girl from a polygamist sect who is being forced to marry?

Good Morning America ran a preview of tonight's episode and the folks at ABC News were clearly excited that this week's ridiculous stunt involved the actors wearing elaborate prairie costumes. Though it's pointed out that the polygamists in Colorado City, AZ don't like outsiders, apparently they'd be willing to eat out at a local restaurant and talk loudly about the teenager's impending marriage. Luckily, several women step in to help the girl and unlike last week, anchor John Quinones doesn't attribute it to "one thing that's foolproof: A woman's tears." Clip at left.

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there is so much wrong with all of this that i don't even know where to begin.