Would You Like a Date With Daryl From The Walking Dead?

Norman Reedus, who plays The Walking Dead’s scruffy walker slayer Daryl, is offering fans a chance to win a date with him in New York as a part of a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


The contest is a collabo with Omaze and everything you need to know is in the clip above, including Reedus’ perfectly un-groomed face. The winner gets to attend the season 6 red carpet premiere of The Walking Dead on October 9 and check out the show’s panel at New York Comic Con.

More, from MTV:

Ten bucks gets you 100 entries into the contest, and larger donations come with thank you gifts like a limited edition signed Daryl T-shirt, a signed and framed Daryl Dixon quote, and even a gnarly guitar. Though of course, the biggest gift of all is the feeling of helping special little kids get to live out their wildest dreams — so thank you to Norman Reedus for making everyone out there a winner.


Hey Daryl, let’s take a long walk on the beach and murder some walkers :).

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Yes, please. I will help him lick his fingers.