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Worst Shopgirl On Earth Makes Best Video Concept

All of your worst retail experiences at snobby boutiques are rolled into one and mined for maximum comedic value in this video by comedians Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson. I defy anyone to get through it without cringing, and then laughing, and then cringing, and then entering a cringe-laugh-cringe-laugh comedy death spiral. I got to, "Yeah, we don't have a website?" before I totally, totally lost it.


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My sister once went into Bebe (not even that nice) and before my sister even asked to try anything on, the salesgirl said "Yeah, we don't carry your size". My sister is a 10/12.

I'm sure I've had some horrific experiences too, but I try to block them from my brain.

My mother's friend was really poor growing up and had other girls make fun of her to the point of crying because of her clothes. Now she lives for this boutique/snotty shit. I don't get it. She loves hanging out with snobs. Glutton for punishment, I guess.