A 40-year-old mother has become the first woman in the history of the Ireland to be charged with incest. The dubious honor comes as a result of truly heinous behavior.

The woman has admitted in Roscommon Circuit Court to "having sex with" (aka, "raping") her son numerous times, starting when he was 13. The boy, now a teen, says his mother was drunk each time she forced him to sleep with her, made him watch porn, and that when he was taken into foster care she threatened to rape him again during visitation if he told anyone. According to the Irish Times, "She said her son had been shocked and afraid. He said 'no' but she told him it would not hurt."


The mother has pleaded guilty to two counts of incest, two charges of sexual abuse against this son, and to neglecting and ill-treating each of her six children from 1998 to 2004 . "If I could turn back the clock I would," she said. Us too. 'House of horrors' mother admits incest [Irish Times]