World's Worst Gyno Took Secret Photos of Thousands of Patient Exams

Going to the gyno is enough of a pain in the cervix without the fear that the doctor between your legs is snapping pictures without your knowledge. But, for 9,000 ex-patients of deceased Johns Hopkins gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy, that seemingly irrational fear may actually have been warranted. Bleargh.

Dr. Levy committed suicide earlier this year as investigators began closing in on him, and now that authorities know what happened, thousands of his former patients are involved in a class action against Levy's estate. From the Baltimore Sun:

It started when a female colleague noticed what looked like a pen camera hanging from the doctor's neck and alerted Hopkins officials.

Levy handed over several recording devices, including a similar pen camera, to investigators. They also found that Levy had stored images of women in clinical settings on 10 file servers he owned, Schochor said Friday.

Schochor and Janet say that thousands more former patients could have been victims in addition to the 3,800 who are plaintiffs — in part because of his voluminous computer storage capacity and 25-year tenure at Hopkins.


Jesus Boundary Violating Christ!

According to the Sun, Dr. Levy was a pretty fucking creepy guy who subjected his patients to unnecessary physical exams, made inappropriate comments about their anatomy, and used "crude language" during exams.


Tiny, itsy bitsy silver lining: it appears that the bad doctor only used the images for himself (ugh) and didn't sell them to pornographic websites. Uh, yay?


[Baltimore Sun]

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