In a mega-satisfying display of vigilante justice, some bumbling dickhead decided to throw a bottle on to the track at the men's 100-meter final, only to discover that the lady sitting next to him was world judo champion (and bronze medalist) Edith Bosch. Who promptly judo-chopped the FUCK OUT OF HIM.

"Just as the gun went off, this man just threw his bottle on the track," Bosch said in an interview at the Athlete's Village today. "And then I responded in the way any other human being would have responded: I pushed him and told him, 'Man, be normal, have you lost your mind?'"

..."Because of all the commotion, I ended up missing the actual race," Bosch said. "I was pretty gutted. But I do think that such behavior is a no-no, it doesn't show any respect for the athletes."

Shortly after the incident happened, Bosch had said on her Twitter site: "A drunken spectator threw a bottle onto the track! I HIT HIM....unbelievable."


Unbelievably awesome, you mean. I want "Man, be normal, have you lost your mind?" on my tombstone. Edith Bosch 4 prez, you guys.

Judo Champ Stops Olympic Bottle Thrower [Bloomberg]

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